Sunday, June 17, 2018
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Today's Affirmations

Imagine, watching a new confident you, and see how you respond, in difficult situations. Notice what it feels like, to see yourself, being so confident. You can see that people are responding to this new improved you, with respect.
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The new You
Experience how it feels, in those difficult situations, as the confident you. Seeing what you would see, hearing what you would hear, and feeling what you would feel. Retain this feeling of confidence when you return to the present.
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Irrational Fear
You can experience an event once (a spider jumping on you, as a child), and if the emotion of fear is strong enough, it creates a phobia. This process works by linking the highly emotional event with the environmental stimuli present at the time.
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Fear Removal
After receiving a fear removal technique, called rewind, clients reported: • Increased confidence • No flashbacks • More positive mood • Ability to talk about incident without alarm or difficulty • No more fear
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Anxiety Attacks
Anxiety is the natural survival response, fight or flight, being triggered at the wrong time. This response is designed to save your life, but in modern times it is more likely triggered by social or work related situations.
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Anxiety Control
During a panic attack, take control of your breathing. This will reduce the panic. Sit down, relax and visualize a peaceful scene. Having a visual image to go to, is helpful, when faced with a situation which triggers anxiety.
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When depressed our thinking style changes, as we are in a highly emotional state of mind. You start thinking that everything has always been bad and always will be and can quickly be overwhelmed.
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Positive Mindset
To lift depression, learn to relax deeply, using self-hypnosis, or meditation. Spend time each morning closing your eyes and truly imagining some good things about the upcoming day. At night, or in the evening, also spend a few moments imagining how it will feel to be better.
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