Complimentary Audio Sessions

Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis Session

Relax anytime and focus on breathing.

An introductory session to Mindfulness and Self-Hypnosis – 26 minutes

Learn techniques to help yourself using self-hypnosis techniques

Resetting the Root Chakra Hypnosis Session

This 30-minute hypnosis session is focussed on your Root Chakra.

Reset and balance your vibrations and achieve a state of harmony.

Nightfall – Music Track

This one-hour music track is called “Nightfall” and provides a binaural experience in the frequencies 852hz and 741hz, targetted to balance the Root Chakra.

It is also the background music for the Hypnosis Session called Resetting the Root Chakra (above)

At the Beach is a 20-minute hypnosis experience of relaxation using your imagination to take you away to a quiet, secluded beach where you can relax … and clear the stresses and anxieties that may be keeping you from success.

At the Beach Hypnosis Session

A Quick Hypnosis session for those moments when time is keeping you from a full therapy session …