Conquer Your Fears

Conquering Fears

Hypnosis is a proven method of helping people overcome by irrational fears or phobias.

Phobias often develop from a traumatic experience or through conditioning, by a parent or other individual, during the formative years. As they are psychological in nature, they can usually be addressed through Hypnosis.

Researchers believe that these fears may not only be due to learned behaviours from our parents, but may also be passed down in our parents’ genetics through the varying amounts of chemical transmitters that form in our brains.

Hypnotherapy is a natural way to help ease these fears, especially those that apply in the workplace.

For example, customer service requires control and patience to deal with unhappy customers or dissatisfied clients. If the employee avoids confrontation, or is afraid to make routine conference calls, they will be unable to function effectively.

The instinctive reaction to fear is “fight or flight”. For most, this equates to avoidance, and results in ignoring client phone calls or avoiding co-worker interactions. The productivity of this worker can therefore seriously decline.

Hypnotherapy is a effective option to conquer those underlying fears which may limit workplace success.

Many entrepreneurs are work alone at home and must be self monitoring and disciplined.

If you are suffering from these workplace phobias or fears, it is extremely difficult to overcome on your own.

The conscious mind accepts the message from the subconscious as truth … and until the subconscious beliefs are changed through hypnosis it will be almost impossible to effectively overcome these feelings.

Fear of the telephone, for example, may relate to a parent chastising you as a young child for talking on the phone too long or calling someone you were not supposed to.

That negative reaction can be stored forever in the subconscious mind and will resurface every time you pick up the phone to call someone.

Reprogramming through hypnosis can alter the subconscious perception of that experience and remove the negative reaction.

There is no need to continue to be pretend these behaviours do not exist. Don’t hide the fear as it will only cause increased stress and tension.

Reprogram yourself now to forever be free from the impact these fears have on your life and business.