Setting Healthy Boundaries

Setting Healthy Boundaries in life, promotes healthier and happier relationships with those around you.
In this eBook we look at the key factors for setting healthy boundaries. We begin by defining boundaries and learning how to set them. Then, we look at boundaries within your dating life, family, work, and yourself. Learn how to deal with those people who resist your boundaries and learn how to measure the success of your boundaries.

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Setting Healthy Boundaries

You may feel the desire to people-please with your family, friends, and people you happen to pass on the street. 

Though wanting to please people is not inherently bad, people-pleasing has numerous negative effects on the people-pleaser.

It sets unrealistic standards, puts self-care on the back burner, decreases self-esteem, and increases stress and anxiety. All around, this overwhelming sense to people-please is dangerous to your health and others around you.

The only way to beat people-pleasing is to have intense self-discipline, self-respect, and knowledge of your inner voice.

In this guide, you will learn many useful tips and tools for creating, setting, and enforcing healthy boundaries.

Allan Curtis, Certified Professional Hypnotist

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