Fear – Overcoming the #1 Reason for Failure

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Overcoming the #1 reason for failure in business or in life is Fear!

Fear can take many forms and may be the result of many different circumstances, but in all cases, fear comes from the PAST!

  • Past experiences
  • Past emotional responses
  • Past interactions with others
  • Past hurtful comments or criticism

What is FEAR

FEAR of FAILURE – negative lessons learned in life, when the results were less than expected, resulting in hurt, emotional pain and increased self-doubt.

FEAR of SUCCESS – anxious feelings when people offer congratulations or praise, for a job well done, or when faced with appearing in public and leading others.

FEAR of MONEY – worry that having money may result in people taking advantage and then leaving, once the money is gone.

FEAR of REJECTION – perhaps the content will be dismissed or ignored or people will argue and put it down and criticize our comments and beliefs.

The list of potential fears is long and complex, however, all fears are based on … The Past

Everything you are, and all of your beliefs, are based on your lifetime of experiences, circumstances, interactions which form your personality and establish your “truths”. We are the sum total of our experiences, everything that was said to us, happened to us or was experienced by us, since birth.

If, that past included being frequently criticized by

  • Parents
  • Friends
  • Teachers
  • Bullies

It is very most likely feelings of low self-esteem have developed. We may feel unworthy, fake,

Similarly, if we were hurt by those we love, or those we looked up to, we may have developed an internal “truth”, we are unworthy of respect and love.


In order to achieve our goals in life, and be truly successful, we must overcome these fears!

Acknowledging and accepting that these events occurred and are over and done with, will allow us to progress toward success, much more easily.

These thoughts can no longer hurt us, as they are simply memories.

They are no longer relevant to our life today, as they are based on events from long ago.

Acknowledge – the event took place and may not have been appropriate, but it is over and done and can not be changed.

Accept – the event occurred and any negative feelings belong to that time, not now.

Action – take back control, these feelings are not relevant to your life today

If there are people in your life related to these events … forgive them, not for their benefit, but for your own peace of mind and happiness.

Acceptance and forgiveness are the two most powerful actions you can take, to restore your self-esteem and self-confidence … allowing you to move forward, rather than be hampered by the negative memories!

Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Mindfulness can all help you through this process of healing, restoration and redefining yourself.

“Awaken Your Potential”

Allan Curtis

Certified Professional Hypnotist