Is Perseverance Always Good?


You may have been told that you need to persevere.

Push forward until you get what you want.

But, what if what you want isn’t right for you or others?

Should you still push for it?

If you are doing something unethical, perseverance will be more of a hindrance than a tool.

It could put you in a bad place or even get you in trouble with the law.

There are times when you continue down a path where it may not be the right path. For instance, if you are against something but are forced to do it or suffer a consequence, this can form a conflict for you.

Perseverance may get you to accomplish the very thing you are against. The fear of the consequence can be the factor that determines why you are pursuing it.

There are times when we should quit, but our inner voice tells us to keep going.

For instance, if your business isn’t working out and is bleeding cash, it could be time to close the doors.

Unless you have a plan to turn things around, doing the same things you have been doing just for the sake of continuing is not the right way to go about it.

It’s a dilemma and you may be thinking success is within reach. But, you need to be able to distinguish between efforts that may succeed vs. a futile attempt to continue down a bad path.

There are no textbooks that can give you this answer. It’s something you need to figure out before it’s too late.

If you are in a situation where you don’t know whether to keep going, seek the advice of others who you trust. Family can be tough because they are often not subjective. They may want you to give up.

Try to find others who are doing the same thing you are trying to accomplish. They may have gone through the same situation and can advise you better in that instance.

In the end, you will know if you should keep going with something. You just need to search deep within yourself and make sure that passion still exists.

You also need to figure out if you have what it takes to keep up your efforts.

If not, it is time to stop.

There are times when this is a good thing.

You and your family will be better off.

By Allan Curtis

Certified Professional Hypnotist

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