“Revivifacation: How to Bring New Life to Past Enjoyable Activities and Create a Clear Path to Success”


Revivifacation: To give new life or spirit to; revive.


Revivification is an exercise, which allows us to revive enjoyable activities from the past, focus our attention inward, and actually feel the emotions that were generated by that activity.  


Revivification can be utilized to access memories of something you really enjoyed doing in the past, even in childhood. As we revivify, and re-experience the feelings and emotions from these past events, the visualization becomes even more vivid and we can feel the positive emotions in our body and mind. 


These visions and positive feelings generate a state which allows us to define and awaken new future  possibilities, based on the positive emotions generated by these past activities. 

When current physical/emotional needs are combined with the emotions from the past, a clear vision of the future is generated, with amazingly clear goals and a path to success. 


Combining positive emotions with an open imagination, creates incredible results. 


Revivification… if you have not tried it, you should!