Self Hypnosis What is it?

Self Hypnosis

If you think, you have never experienced hypnosis, think back to the last time you were driving a long distance road trip.

Was it a familiar road?

Do you recall periods, during that trip, where you seemed to go into autopilot mode?

This is a common phenomenon, where your subconscious brain takes over.

You already know the route, so there is no conscious thinking involved.

If you experienced this, you have experienced a form of self-hypnosis.

What is Self-Hypnosis

Self-hypnosis is similar to guided meditation

  • Both are practiced in a quiet place, usually alone.
  • They require you to relax and enter a deep state of relaxation and focused concentration.
  • You will remain alert and aware of what is happening but in a relaxed and calm state

Self-hypnosis is focussed on an outcome

  • Each hypnosis session usually has a goal or outcome such as calming anxiety, reducing stress, weight loss, etc.
  • You can tie affirmations into your self-hypnosis process.
  • The goals should be addressed by the dialog in the hypnosis process.

You need to strengthen your belief.

  • You may have a difficult time being hypnotized unless you believe in it.
  • Without trust, self-hypnosis is unlikely to be effective.
  • You may get into a relaxed state, however, this is not the same as hypnosis.
  • Believing in the practice is essential for you to benefit from hypnosis.

Make sure you have adequate time to devote to hypnosis

  • The amount of time required will vary somewhat, depending on the individual.
  • You should allocate at least one hour for your sessions, with no interruptions or disturbances.
  • If you don’t have that hour, reschedule your session, as a partial or interrupted hypnosis session will not provide the benefit desired.

Proper breathing contributes to the process

  • Deep breathing and focused attention on breathing helps you to relax and calm the mind.
  • Affirmations can be verbalized as you are breathing in … as in, taking in the affirmation.
  • You may wish to state the affirmation as you breathe out,  so that you can say the affirmation out loud
  • Saying the affirmations will help solidify your commitment.

Bear in mind that affirmations are not required for self-hypnosis.

  • Affirmations are said over and over again, they are not required for self-hypnosis, they are optional
  • In self-hypnosis, you can have a number of scripts and switch between different goals, as often as you like.

Most Professional Hypnotists have training programs to teach their clients how to use Self-Hypnosis to better their lives.